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Each Insurance Carrier has their own proprietary data format that aligns with their administrative systems.  There tends to be a lot of commonality with regards to data needs between the various benefits administration platforms.  To that extent, a common definition with a common vocabulary can be defined.  As an industry, we are seeing a movement away from traditional worksite enrollment to a more group based approach.  It is to this extent that a common definition will assist human resources information and benefits administration platforms in simplifying their Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) development based on this definition as it pertains to benefits enrollment.  As each Insurance Carrier may also have unique attributes, underwriting and business rules, the flexibility for such divergences will be built into the common format.  This will allow for communication on the more complex Insurance Carrier specific cases.

Our objective is to develop a common specification among multiple insurance carriers for the transmission of member enrollment-related data and ongoing transactions for workplace benefits  that are tested, adopted, and implemented.

The goal for this specification is that the resulting EDI feeds and data exchanges will be easily consumed by insurance carriers and developed by enrollment and benefits administration technology companies in the marketplace.  Secondarily, by having a common specification, our long-term objective is to reduce customer onboarding timelines and reduce the ongoing costs to insurance carriers, benefits administration platforms, brokers, and employers.  Such scalability is important given the changing landscape of benefits enrollment.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

No, you do not need to be a member of OMG to submit a letter of intent, but in order to ensure that your voice is heard and to submit to the RFP you must be a member of OMG by the submission deadline.
By submitting a letter of intent you ensure that you can submit to the RFP, either as part of a team or on your own. You are also placed on the specification voting list, but must be a member of OMG by the initial submission deadline in order to exercise that vote.
No. In order to submit to the RFP, you must submit a letter of intent by the submission deadline.
There are three criteria in order to vote on a specification: (1) you must be an OMG member in good standing by the voting list deadline; (2) you must be in a qualifying membership category that can vote at task force level; and (3) you must sign up for the voting list by sending an email to vote@omg.org. If you submit a letter of intent, you are automatically added to the voting list, but must meet the membership criteria in 1 and 2 above in order to exercise the voting option.
Yes. Many of our members do this. If your company has a particular interest in one standard over another, you can join and renew as your strategies and resources change.
The only authorized body allowed to change the deadlines is the OMG Task Force that proposed this RFP, which is comprised of member companies. This Task Force meets in-person quarterly and determines the roadmap and timelines as it sees fit. OMG maintains the schedule but does not interfere in timelines developed by its task forces.